When the stakes are high, experience counts.

Cooling tower, boiler, or closed loop – every system works under unique environmental and structural conditions and is prone to different problems. Our highly trained team including licensed engineers, Certified Water Technologists, and Licensed Boiler Operators, has decades of experience working on every type and size of system. They spot problems quickly, design smart solutions, find opportunities for improvement, and create comprehensive waterside treatment programs for any type of facility. We offer a complete set of solutions to keep your system running at peak efficiency including; laboratory, treatment, equipment and monitoring solutions.

Industries We Serve

  • New Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Commercial and Institutional
  • Government
  • Colleges & Universities
Minimize Corrosion,
Maximize Performance.

Boiler Rooms

Boiler Rooms

Boilers are prone to oxygen corrosion, scale build up, and sludge deposits. Our water treatment programs for boilers overcome those challenges by optimizing feedwater quality, increasing condensate return, and protecting internal boiler surfaces. The result? Lower utility costs, improved efficiency, longer equipment life, and a safer building environment.

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

Scale deposits, corrosion, and microbiological growth can reduce efficiency and pose serious health and safety problems in cooling towers. Our site-specific cooling tower water treatment programs maximize mineral concentrations and kill microorganisms with EPA registered microbiocides. You’ll have a safer facility, use less energy and water, reduce your environmental footprint, and prolong equipment life while meeting discharge regulations.

Closed Loop Systems

Closed Loop Systems

Closed loop systems often go overlooked even though their failure can be very inconvenient and costly. We offer customized treatment and careful monitoring of closed loop systems to manage water chemistry and control corrosion, deposits, microbiological activity, and product concentration levels. And we pay special attention to monitoring pitting attacks that can reduce efficiency and cause costly pipe failure.

Laboratory Capabilities

Our State Certified Laboratory pinpoints problems so we can develop proactive treatments and prevent costly future damage. Our laboratory capabilities include:

Water Analysis

Complete water analysis for steam boilers, closed loops, cooling water, makeup water and environmental water/wastewater.

Deposit Analysis

Detailed x-ray fluorescence screening provides precise analysis of system deposits. Our Ion Chromatography Unit allows our laboratory to quantitatively analyze anions and cations in an ionic solution, and we use FTIR spectroscopy to identify unknown contaminants.

Microorganism Testing

Our lab uses microorganism testing to identify fungi, a full range of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, along with E.Coli and total coliform bacteria.

Corrosion Coupons

Corrosion coupons allow us to accurately monitor corrosion rates in any environment.