Exceptional services and comprehensive solutions.

You can’t solve a problem unless you understand it. Before we make any recommendations, our licensed engineers and Certified Water Technologists meticulously evaluate your entire water treatment system. You’ll receive a full report on our findings including lab analysis of your mineral and water samples. We use what we learn to design a holistic, customized water treatment program that maximizes your system’s efficiency and safety. While our water treatment programs are tailored to every facility we work in, our goals are always the same: protecting your system from damage, maintaining safety, extending equipment life, lowering utility bills, reducing downtime, and always delivering the very best service and support.

IWE follows the AWWA C651 Standard for the disinfection of hot and cold-water mains.


  • Complete System Analysis
  • Laboratory State Certified for Microbiological Testing
  • Custom Treatment Formulas
  • Equipment Including Panel Mounts
  • Drumless Delivery
  • Remote Monitoring & Ongoing Support
  • Hyperchlorination


Drumless Delivery

Our trained, licensed team handles the transfer, storage, and inventory management of your water treatment chemicals so you don’t have to.

Legionella Water Management Plans

A Legionella water management plan helps you avoid a serious health hazard and comply with ASHRAE Standard 188.

Cleaning and Acidations

Clean and purge your system of scale and iron deposits so it runs more efficiently.

Pretreatment Softeners and Reverse Osmosis

Based on your system conditions we may recommend adding softeners or a reverse osmosis system to remove minerals.



Custom Panel Mounts

Customized panel mounts read chemical levels, dose systems in real time, send alerts, and are remotely adjustable .


On-site training and general training workshops throughout the year help educate and support your team in optimizing your system.

Injection Systems

Large-scale injection systems can be included in panel mounts so additives – including glycol to inhibit freezing in closed loop systems -- can easily be added.

Filtration Equipment

Filters capture iron, slag, and other debris before they foul your system and cause damage.



Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring provides real time testing, status reports and alerts to control corrosion and prevent damage. We respond immediately to each alert to determine the best plan of action.

Our web-based reporting and communication portal keeps you updated on the status of your water treatment equipment and program. It automatically sends you an alarm when a test is out of spec, creates comprehensive reports, and sends image files with your system reports. You’ll have your own login to the secure, cloud-based website so you can access IWEservice any time, anywhere.